About Us

“We” are a book lover/hoarder and a Francophone/librarian-on-hold who like to both read about and enjoy a coffee (for the former), a cup of tea (for the latter) and something stiffer at day’s end. The book part lead us to search out texts about the drinks we enjoy. We find books from other cultures and other times that look interesting but are not written in English. Each of these books is a potential treasure chest of information that has been locked away from us and other fans of drink culture behind the wall of another language. We plan to make these books accessible to an English-speaking audience.


Things, People, and Places We Love

Jim’s LINKS:

Café Kreyol project to provide coffee plants to Haitian farmers – reforest, decrease CO2, drink coffee

Coffee from Yemen – the birthplace of the coffee plant. Purchase beans with a charitable add-on

Online collection of Cocktail books, free to browse and download

A modern translation of a 1920s French Cocktail guide. Props to these guys for putting this out!

Another neat translation project – a Kickstarter to publish a new English edition of pioneering film maker George Méliès autobiography. The Brown Dog is in-

What’s a zine? We’ve been asked that question several times while we put our first project together- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zine

Distributors of Zines we have enjoyed: https://portlandbuttonworks.com/


Free online zines-https://archive.org/details/zines

And one classic zine – Processed World– free and online now!

The National Library of France – source of full PDF versions of texts we have worked with plus a vast collection of other items. French, English and Spanish language sites are available. Nice source to find obscure book in addition to Google Books

Bookfinder – the first stop to look for new, used and out of print books and other printed material from book dealers around the globe