• Bringing old texts on subjects we love to modern readers.

    We like tea, and coffee, and a stiffer drink every now and then. People from other times and in other places liked those things too. We want to make their work available and accessible.

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About Us, the Creators of Brown Dog Press, LLC

“We” are a book lover/hoarder and a Francophone/librarian-on-hold who like to both read about and enjoy a coffee (for the former), a cup of tea (for the latter) and something stiffer at day’s end. The book part lead us to search out texts about the drinks we enjoy. We find books from other cultures and other times that look interesting but are not written in English. Each of these books is a potential treasure chest of information that has been locked away from us and other fans of drink culture behind the wall of another language. We plan to make these books accessible to an English-speaking audience.

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South Carolina Tea

At latitude 35o the Brown Dog lies just north of upstate South Carolina. That puts us slightly north of Chinese

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Tea Plants

We filed our first annual report for the LLC with the state this week. That was a reminder that we

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